Pull My Finger! for iPhone

Pull My Finger! is an new toy that is now available for your iPhone. Simply pull on the finger and listen as your iPhone emits the noise of a one of many common sounding farts.  It's that simple.  Future versions will include more farts.  

Much like the Whoopie Cushion from the 70's and 80's, 
Pull My Finger! can bring all sorts of joy and laughter in many real life situations. There are a number of ways that Pull My Finger! can improve your quality of life.

Meeting Girls on the Elevator
Imagine being on an elevator with some colleagues and you're all returning from lunch.  The elevator stops on the 8th floor and a very
hot girl gets on.  You simply make sure that your iPhone is ready with "Pull My Finger!",  you secretly hold it near one of your friends and you pull the finger!
Hilarity ensues as your friend tries to let the entire population in the elevator know (mainly the hot chick) that he didn't really fart.  This is your chance to shine
as you show the girl that you were just playing a joke.  You can ask her to "Pull My Finger!" and when she does, she will laugh at the fart noises that she can make.

The Block
Do you have one of those friends that has no problems striking up a conversation with any hot girl at the bar? What if you could reverse things and be sure that the girl will be going home with you at the end of the evening? Pull My Finger! to the rescue. Simply locate your friend as he is busy talking with the girl that should be with you and quietly stand behind him. While you’re waiting for the right moment, make sure that your iPhone is set to the loudest possible volume. As soon as there is a pause in the conversation....you guessed it... Pull My Finger! Before you know it, that hot girl has been freed from the charismatic jaws of your friend and you can swoop right in with a quick joke to lighten the mood like “How was that burrito supreme that you had for dinner my man? Say good looking, can I buy you a drink?”

Pull my finger has really only one feature. It Farts! The moment you Pull My Finger! this application randomly selects one of the included farts and lets her rip. Future releases will include more features and farts that are currently under development, if you know what I mean.

Only $0.99 in the iTunes App Store. Amaze your friends now!


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